Dubai Closes All Bars And Clubs As Covid-19 Index Cases Increase

Posted 4 weeks ago

by shakiez893

Dubai gov. has closed all bars and clubs due to shot up in Covid-19 index cases this February

The order was announced following arrival of foreigners from different countries to avoid the pandemic restrictions and travel ban from their countries

Last week the UK government included United Arab Emirate to her red list to restrict Dubai to UK flights, this was in a bid to avert the danger of been affected by the variant South African Coronavirus from infecting more people in the UK

In a statement the British gov. has announced that all her citizen in UAE should return and self isolate before the ban commences 

But unfortunately a lot of them refused to heed to the warning. 

The UAE cases of the covid-19 has been on the rise since new year as their we large gathering during the period and most of the people violated the precautionary measures" 

This restrictions excludes restaurants in Dubai.

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Its could go a long way

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