Flutterwave and PayPal collaborate to allow African merchants to accept payments and send funds across the world

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

African businesses have had a difficult time using PayPal to receive funds, it has only been an imaginary situation attributed mostly to poor financial institutions security in the continent 

But now with this great collaboration between the African's known Flutterwave and American's PayPal will surely be nothing less than a rejoicing news 

The CEO of Flutterwave Olugbenga ‘GB’ Agboola said they will be  adding a new feature called ‘Pay with PayPal’ on the Flutterwave platform 

The collaboration will see millions of PayPal users link their accounts on Flutterwave and be able to send and receive funds from any part of the world .

The CEO of Flutterwave while briefing TechCrunch confirmed in a statement which was also confirmed by Paypal spokesman that:  the integration will allow PayPal merchants send and receive funds via the option ‘Pay with PayPal' 

He added the user who already operate a business account on Flutterwave have access to this new feature and it is usable to over 50 countries in the African continent and other countries worldwide 

The new feature will aid over 300million PayPal users in Africa to receive funds across the continent and beyond without much stress again

He concluded that Flutterwave is a leading African e-banking platform and as such they wish to bring endless possibilities and the best payment platforms to their esteemed customers especially in African there's  limitation in transacting across to other continents

PayPal has operated on a skeletal level  since its expansion to Africa permitting users to send funds only in majority of the countries here 

A few others like Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, Seychelles and South Africa  are allowed to send and receive but with limitations 

Paypal arrived Nigeria in 2014, but 12  months later Nigeria became the second-largest market for the company in the whole of African continent yet its it operation in Nigerian is still been limited because of the high rate of internet fraud in the African biggest economy 

Flutterwave has built a reputable and stable payment service in Nigeria and hence its API feature has fascinated collaborations from big businesses around the globe i.e  Visa (banter), Alipay & Worldpay FIS in the world, China and Africa respectively 

The new Flutterwave feature Pay with PayPay will no doubt bring a smile to African business owners and with hope that the collaboration has come to stay 

PayPay CEO re-affairmed that it is committed to strengthen services for users and their businesses across the continent of Africa and Beyond

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