Meet Smith 91-years old police officer who's still active in service

Posted 4 weeks ago

by shakiez893

L.C. "Buckshot" Smith is a 91-year old police officer who is still active in service and has no plan to retire any time soon

According to CBS News he said; the police badge and gun doesn't make any one a good police man, but respect for people does.

Currently during duty time he drives an unbranded police vehicle, but due to his uniqueness every one know him in the town of Camden, Arkansas.

Smith became a very popular police officer after he signed up at Ouachita County Sheriff's Department over 40-years ago and is known there by his nickname "Buckshot"

Despite his age he still works four times a week patrolling his hometown–what a blessed man.

Smith dully retired as a police deputy chief, only to resumed back to active service 5-months later, when interviewed he stated categorically that he had no fun during the retirement period 'cos he doesn't fish or hunt   

Back in the 1980s, when he was at the peak of his career in Camden, 

He carried a firearm, but never have to use it.

Mayor Julian Lott testified that Smith has a more powerful weapon " He knows your mama and grandmother" so he has the jurisdiction to speak into the citizens lives directly 

During Smith's active policing career he had "taken more people home than I've taken to them to jail." Lott concluded 

"Smit said, he'll retire when the good Lord tells him to," said his other colleague Mr. Boyd Woody

May he live long and continue to serve his people that our wish. 

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