10 Things That Will Make A Girl To Like A Guy Easily.

Posted 3 weeks ago

by shakiez893

There is this common believe that for a lady to like the opposite gender, they guy must possess some special qualities, (body physique, good height etc).

Well all this may contribute based on individual differences; this has caused depression to many men who do not know exactly how to make a girl like them

Here are 10 tips to make a girl like a guy easily and accept to go out with you on a date and make her attached you eventually 

Things that make girls to like a guy easily.

1. Neatness: there is a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness, this also applies to ladies, they love neat men who have good instant for fashion and are organized no doubt 

2. Outspoken: Girls like men who are fluent and have a good manner of approach coupled with the ability to express them. Ladies know a guy who is reserved with his words and pleasing with their words 

3. Commitment: a lady want to know if you are dedicated to making her understand your feelings for her, so when you are committed and rightful showing her care your chance of getting a yes! from her is very high. So always know it is the DNA of ladies to always say no! when you ask them out for a date on the first approach but that doesn’t mean the guys should relent his effort.

4. Lifestyle:  ladies love guys who are reserved and not reckless, they want to see the true man in you through your social-life, words, dressing, spiritual life, fashion/neatness and even your kind of friends. This facts will make any lady to give you consideration

5. Keep in touch: Well this very tip may be complicated but, if a lady is having a crush on you and you feel same, try to keep in touch call and text her love messages from time to time but during right hours especially if she works you don’t call and expect her to give you full attention during work hours. Text her mostly before sleep and early hours of the morning. 

6. Surprise: I suggest that if you are getting along with a lady, you can buy her gifts even without her asking for them, invite her over and cook some good food, even if you are not a good cook try it, she might just offer to do it by herself next time and that will be another way of you getting closer to her

7. Honor: if a lady invites you for a time out no matter what your schedule, try to make it possible, always put her in your plans and respect her decision during arguments and be smart as well. If she tells you not to call or text at particular moments try to honor it because you might just be labeled a distraction if you don’t go by her rules and you know what that means

8. Time: if you are busy and you know a lady has feelings for you, always find time to take her out, take her out, for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Offer to pick her up after work and it might just work for you

9. Care: everything deserves care for it to last, when you see a lady you care about struggling with something, be the first to help her proffer a solution, ladies love guys who take responsibilities. This will make her know you are man enough to take charge in solving issues her issues

10Don’t hide feeling: if you have feelings for a lady do not hesitate to express yourself. Most times women want courageous men, if you are bold enough to walk up to her and express what you feel,  you will given a chance to prove yourself, but if you don’t they feeling might just die from her side 

With the above tips you will always get big chance from your crush if you do them rightfully 

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