FAQs on AoZforum

How can I become a member of Aozforum?

You become a member of this Revenue earning scheme when you complete your registration after buying a coupon code of your choice and filling the complete and relevant information provided on the site

Who can participate on this program?

Aozforum does not stop anyone above the age of 18 years from participating to earn extra cash on its platform, it can be students, bloggers, freelancers, housewife part time works anyone at all is ready to take advantage of his/her social media contacts i.e WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, friends and advertise to earn as much as they can

How can I get a coupon to complete my registration?

On the site default dashboard there is a menu clearly indicting “Get Coupons” simply click and you will be redirected to the vendors WhatsApp numbers to get a coupon code for any package of your interest (Beginner 2000naira, Gold 5000naira and Diamond 10000naira) complete you registration and start earning straight away.

Can someone outside Nigeria participate on this program?

Yes they can, Aozforum revenue program (ARP) is open to all people world wide to participate and get paid in the equivalence of Naira to their currency

Meaning of acronyms used on Aozforum

ARP means Aozforum Revenue Program, ARR means Aozforum Referral Earning, AAE means Aozforum Activity Earnings

How can I earn revenue on Aozforum?

You can earn in much in by just performing the following tasks

 *Daily login,

*Sharing of sponsored task 


Account types and packages
Beginner Package

This form of account works when you buy coupon from Aozforum Administrator or an accredited coupon agent and fill the required information each coupon for this account cost one thousand five hundred naira only N2000 and user on this account type earn 5000naira on completing there 30days task

Gold Package

This form of account is available for  users who want to earn subscribe for the 5000naira package and earn 11000naira on completing their 30days task


This account is subscribed for 10000naira and at the end of 30days if the user completes his or her tasks they earn a total of 21000naira

How can I get paid if I am not in Nigeria

Aozforum has made available different forms of payment (ewallets) to make sure all users get their earnings paid promptly and efficiently all over the world.

How much is the least one can withdraw from Aozfrom?

All AAR earnings will be paid first from at least N3000 threshold and AAE must  to request for withdrawal

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid ?

All users who request withdrawal of their earnings get paid within 2-3 working days.

How Can I Get My Referral Link?

From your user dashboard there is a read number written on the top right corner if you want to refer someone they must type that referral number on the space provided for referral code during their registration to enable you the referral earn your full commission.

Sharing of sponsored post is done by users daily, all users are required to provide their Facebook and Twitter handle when requesting withdrawals to enable Aozforum administrators to confirm that users truly shared the provided sponsored tasks on his/her timeline before they are paid.

Are users prevented to share normal post on their timelines?

YOU CAN SHARE OUR POST ON YOUR TIMELINE BUT THIS DOESN’T ATTRACT EARNINGS ANYWAY The first to share sponsored post for that day earns double commison allocated for sponsored post for that day Follow our Facebook page/group, Instagram, Twitter and telegram for more updates all @Aozforum