How AOZ Forum Works

A warm welcome to AOZFORUM earning portal, Africans most elite online earning Forum. AOZFORUM pays all eligible earners with or without referrals directly to their banks within 24-72hours once there is enough revenue for that month

Note: All pending withdrawal request are shifted to the next month and paid based on first come request.

We have a 24-hour support to attend to all customer’s enquiries and complains as quick as possible, Aozforum is a Nigerian based platform located in Jabi, the Capital of Nigeria, It has been made with unique categories that covers African best niches and beyond. 

Founded in 2020 Aozforum has been recommended by most as a trusted and one of the best online earning platforms in Nigeria 

Basics earnings on Aozforum and Account Types

1. Beginner Account (Free)

EARNS N5,000naira monthly apart from referrals

Shared Sponsored/Task earns #200points =50 (daily) If Any.

Referral Points #200points = N50 (unlimited)

Daily Login Bonus #669 points = N167.25 daily

2. Gold Account (Registration is N5,000naira only)

EARNS N10,000naira monthly apart from referrals

Shared Sponsored/Task earns #1000points =N250 (daily) If Any.

Referral Points #4800points = N1200 (unlimited)

Daily Login Bonus #1340point = 333.3 (daily)

3. Diamond Account (Registration is N10,000naira only)

EARNS N17,500naira monthly apart from referrals

Shared Sponsored/Task earns #2000points =N500 (daily) If Any.

Referral Points #8000points = N2000daily (unlimited)

Daily Login Bonus #800point = N2500 (daily)

How to earn on Aozforum 

You earn one you have logged in for that day you total entitlement except there is a sponsored post posted, on sharing the sponsored post you earn extra

All users must share three (3) posts from the site to Facebook and Twitter and comment on the posts they share and make their handles available for confirmation during withdrawal request to enable the admin to ascertain they performed their task before payment will be remitted.

Posting format approved by Aozforum

All posts must have the following format e.g Heading Music: Justin Burner - Yummy [Download] the song must have date and at least 8-10 lines of description and also a cover picture for the post to be approved, meanwhile other post must have keywords and meta description to be approved, also only posts that are written in present tense and have at least 100-300 words content will be approved

NB: All post MUST be posted under specified categories COPYING from other sites and PASTING on Aozforum is not allowed and will lead to suspension of such user accounts permanently if found wanting.

This platform is made to help fight poverty and crime by engaging all users to use their time, data and activities online to develop their marketing and networking skills to earn a fortune and remain updated with happenings around the globe.

Values of AOZforum

Integrity, fairness, truthfulness, knowledge, collaboration, transparency objectivity and selflessness 

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For music hype and advert

If you are not registered on AOZforum yet but you want your song uploaded or need an advertisement placement on the platform you can contact us on WhatsApp +2348135350046