Breaking News: Bitcoin surges up to more than $51k

Posted 9 months ago

by shakiez893

The record breaking crypto-currency Bitcoin has surged once again in price currently with and equivalence of over $51k dollars and with a trading volume of over $51B today

Reportedly increase in price of any commodity is solely based on demand in most cases as this is the same case with Bitcoin currently, it has appreciated by 4.83% today March, 3rd 2021.

Although investing is crypto-bussiness is a big risk as it goes up and down in value out constantly 

To curb manipulations and extortion the a nominee for chairman of the U.S SEC Gary Gensler  revealed that protecting illegal activities relating to crytocurrencies is challenging for the agency

An unknown user Nakamota reported that Bitcoin transactions are achieved via Cryptographic hash functions - where users exchange through coded digital signatures that is embedded in the record of all transactions 

He added that the system has been tampered with and is big concern for the market experts 

Meanwhile Bitcoin has millions of people investing and transacting on it daily worldwild and this may lead to even increase in its price 

Invest in crypto today and smile tomorrow

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