Texas Issues Orders to Stop 'Binance Assets' and 2 Other Fraudulent Crypto Investment Platforms

Posted 9 months ago

by shakiez893

- Texas state have alerted on three fraudulent crypto platforms 

Travis J. Iles have announced an emergency cease and desist order on three nongovernment approved crytpocurrency investment platforms

The highlighted fraudulent investment platforms include Delta Crypt Ltd. (also known as Binance Assets), Fxsmart Robots, and Digitaly Invest.

Travis emphasized that the above mentioned platforms are not licensed with Texas sell security so they are not allowed to operate in the state 

A prior notice form Philippine Securities  and Exchange Commission warned about against Delta Crypto a claimed legitimate U.K based crypto investment platform  

The advisory notice from Philippine also noted that Delta Crypt was offering a ridiculous percentage return on on investments which is  believed not to be genuine

After the warning Delta crypto was noticed to have delete their website and invented a new investment schemes called Binance Assets, Binance assets Ltd. and Bit Kind Ltd.

 The new scheme offers different investment packages that allegedly pay 30% and 40% returns on Gold and Diamond plans respectively 

The Texas Securities Commissioner found the crypto services offering by Delta Crypt to be “fraudulent and deceptive.” It accused the company of “concealing important information about how it works and the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.” Also promising to pay its workers very high all which is known not to be true 

Digitaly Invest & Fxsmart Robots website have identical features also offering 40% and 30% for Diamond and Gold packages respevtively and also offer crypocurrency trading services 

But this companies are alleged to have hidden the main ethics of this platforms to its subscribers 

Travis J. ended it that the twin website claims to have been found totally fraudulent,  but the real identity and qualifications of principals, material financial information, and the significant risks associated with the underlying products are not made public 

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