5 Things That Kill Relationship Very Fast

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

Falling in love is really a beautiful thing, but maintaining a relationship to last for a memorable time requires sacrifice, time, energy and understanding.

When your relationship lacks some of this qualities your partner feels you are not giving it your best that's why you see relationships crashing.

Here are the 5 things that kill relationship very fast.

1. Distance and lack of communication: in some relationship partners begin to have trust issues once they are far from each other, to make things worst when their is no regular communication between you and your partner you loss the love connection between you both.

In some cases partners loss the intense feeling for one another once they are far apart from from each other for too long.

Tip: To maintain a distance relationship, keep constant communication with your partner and visit at intervals it might just work, don't give anyone you are in a distant relationship with any reason to doubt you.

2. Lack of Trust: i mentioned trust earlier, this very factor kills relationship fast and instant in some cases, when you give your partner a reason to doubt you especially concerning your fidelity to them, break up is mostly the outcome of such relationships, it takes real partner to keep a relationship infiltrated with infidelity.

3. Selfishness: When your partner begins to feel really busy and unsubmissive for any reason this may make your partner to loss interest gradually, in some cases a partner may avail them selves only when they are in need of something from you, that is a selfish act, in such cases where he/she put themselves first in all issues concerning you both some partner may not see themselves in a such a situation and may gradually let go of no matter there feelings they had for you 

Don't be bossy to your partner even if you have made it more in life than they have or you are from a better family background, because everyone need a shoulder to lean on that's one important fact if not taken into due consideration it my destroy your relationship 

4. Attention and Intimacy: everything deserves care for it to last even love affairs,  when your partner is not getting the deserved attention from you, their feeling for you may gradually ware away.

For intimacy here i am talking of time out (lunch, gist, call, text, swimming, partying together etc) all this leave a lasting memory for you partner and they tend to get attracted to you the more if you do them

5. Too much demand: in a relationship, try to balance all you do, if you are the type that loves demanding from your partner, also remember to be a giver too or you may risk the losing love.

When your partner demands too much help especially financially the other partner may fold up and think it is because of the financial stabilities that brought you in. Some may feel you are extravagant 

All this factors kill relationship quick try to give your best in any of the situation you find yourself.

Good luck

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