4 Ways To Save and Invest Money With PiggyVest Wallet

Posted 8 months ago

by shakiez893

Piggyvest is a mobile applications (e-wallet) that allows users to save and invest money with there various plans or allows you to lock away funds you want to save for a particular purpose in future.

Savings can be done based in the users suitability (daily, weekly or monthly)

Piggyvest was launched in 2016, and has over 2-million users currently and counting 

How to save and invest money with piggyvest bank

1. Automated Savings: auto-debit applies here, when you want to save automatically  on your piggyvest wallet, simply log into your app, and turn the  automatic saving feature ON, it will allow piggyvest to debt your bank account via your linked debit card, daily, weekly or monthly depending on the users settings

2. Fixed Savings: (safe lock): This saving type implies that you look away your money on piggyvest wallet for a particular duration before making withdrawal  e.g fixed deposit account.

3. Goal-oriented Savings: this form of saving help and guarantee you funds for a particular purpose you are saving for, you can start saving as an individual or a group for a particular purpose e.g  house rent, fees or finance a project. 

4. Flexible Savings: piggyvest flexible setting has the normal banking saving system that allows the user to save, transfer, withdraw, manage and organise their funds at any time.

You can read more about flex naira and flex-dollar too

How much can i invest with Piggyvest 

Here are the available plans you can download their app or visit the website to register and start

Piggyvest investment plans 

N50 - N50,000 daily,

N1000 - N200,000 weekly, 

N3,000 - N500,000 monthly

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