Lady seek for help as her husband won't touch her since she visited because of their 9-year old neighbour

Posted 3 weeks ago

by shakiez893

An unidentified woman has taken to social media to seek advice as as her husband won't touch her since she visited 

She stated that her husband relocated after promotion, and when she visited the little girl who is so found of her husband won't sleep  at night with her parents she prefers to stay in her husbands apartment all day and night 

She revealed in a note to posh traditional wedding & Asoebi interactive group admin saying:

Hubby got promoted n transferred to a different state late last year,he do spend atmostt 6 days with us in every month.

This month he said I and d children should come n know where he stays...

We got to his base on Saturday evening,he lives in d company house with other junior workers.He has a room n toilet to himself in d flat.Another family lives at dsame compound with thier only daughter of 9 yrs old...she's so fund of my husband.hubby plays with children alot.

Now since I n my 2kids(2yrs + and 3month) came to hubby place the girl has refused to stay at her own home even at night...since Saturday night that I arrived here she has been passing d night in our single room.I n hubby has not touched each other since I came cos of her presence in d room..sometimes at night she will wake up n sit-down n say she's not feeling sleepy again.Today is hubby birthday,I thought d mum of d girl will be reasonable enuf to scold her daughter to remain at home n give us space only for me to hear knowvl on d door n it was her in her nighty as usual .I used our language to tell hubby that am getting fed up that he should tell d woman he need space with his family but he is saying d little girl is just happy to see us dats y...

Pls help me out,how do I tell d mother or even d girl to stop coming to sleep over without causing any misunderstanding...

Through out the day she's with us even outings she's goes with us...I told my hubby dat if she should come tomorrow night again,I will leave with my kids d following morning.

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