Buddhist monk chops off his head as an offering to Buddha to reincarnate him as a 'higher spiritual being'

Posted 3 weeks ago

by shakiez893

A Buddhist monk in Thailand cut off his head to sacrifice to Buddha in a bid to be reincarnated as a "higher spiritual being"  

 The sacrifice in Buddha called  "making merit" was done willingly by 68-year old Thammakorn Wangpreecha, after 5-years of planning  according to reports 

In Buddhism  this sort of sacrifice to Supreme Buddha brings good luck from the deity.

The 68-year old Thammakorn was confirmed dead in Wat Phu Hin worshipping temple in Nong Bua Lamphu area in north-eastern Thailand on the 15th day of April 2021

The news was publicised by his nephew Booncherd Boonrod in written message left by the deceased 

According to Booncherd, Thammakorn decapitating himself was to praise supreme Buddha, offer his head and his soul so that he can be reincarnated as a higher spiritual being, he has been planning the self sacrifice for 5-years he noted.

Monk Thammakorn reportedly used a guillotine next to the Supreme Buddhist statue to make the impression that the God will be viewed holding his head after it was decapitated 

Over 300 Buddhist have been reported to have come to the scene where the sacrifice was done, and most revealed he earlier said he would leave the monkhood but never mentioned the guillotine 

Thammakorn Wangpreecha, worshipped in Wat Phu Hin for 11-years and was devoted to his duties according to reports by Mail Online

His burial rites proceeded, with his head kept in a jar and body laid in a casket before his family and well wishers took his remains to the forest to be burnt  

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