Richard Branson Launch His Virgin Hotel This Weekend At Las Vegas (video/photos)

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

Richard Branson at Sin City the Virgin Galactic honcho on Friday 10th June was at his new Virgin hotel at LAS VEGAS which was opened in March but the celebration was pending because of the Civic-19 pandemic

After Nevada remove the restrictions bang June 1st, Branson launched his official opening this weekend, the whole crew met at joint taking pictures with other guest at the casino, and they gave away a lot of gifts

It seems like Branson's is in competition with Amazon's Jeff Bezos at the celebration there was no sign of John Glenn or Apollo 11 crew at the casino

Jeff Bezos announced he and his bro will be on the first group flight for his Blue Origin aerospace company, which will take place July 20.


 Watch video below

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