Mechanics reportedly steal car "Catalyst Converter" and sale to Gun Makers.

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

A humanitarian identified on Facebook as Ukan Kurugh has revealed mechanics now steal car "Catalyst Converter" and sale.

He started that the device called "Catalyst Converter" or indomie is now been stolen by car mechanics and sold to gun makers at high rates.

This car part is attached to the exhaust pipe and helps control high fuel consumption of the automobile.

He wrote:


Whenever you take your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs (whatever type of repair), please check a part they call "catalyst converter aka Indomie" that is attached to the exhaust. 

They steal every available one from motor vehicles and sell it expensively to people making bullets and other things, it reduces fuel consumption and also moderates the engine sound.

Ordinary vehicle owners will not know when it is removed (or stolen) unless if you are highly perceptive until the fuel consumption of your vehicle increases considerably.

We just have to learned about it the hard way, after others have been stolen, I saw this and I want you all to upload it on your various wall for other people to read as well".

Source: Ukan Kurugh/Facebook.

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