Benue First Lady Dr. Eunice Ortom's Foundation ''ESLF'' Proves to be Successful.

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by shakiez893

The success story of Benue First Lady Dr. Eunice Ortom's ''ESLF".

A Facebook user identified as Gwaza Godwin Gwabo revealed that Eunice's Spring of Life Foundation (ESLF) has just recorded success.

He wrote that the foundation sponsored a special enable man through the ESLF’S EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION.

The benefactor of this scholarship identified to be Mr. Peter Gwer is currently mobilised to serve Nigerian as a NYSC in Edo State.

Godwin posted:


On International Day for Persons with Disability December 3rd, 2015, a determined young man named Peter Gwer Msughter made a request and was awarded full scholarship by Eunice Spring of Life Foundation (ESLF) to study Accounting at the Benue State University Makurdi, on the kind instruction of ESLF’s Founder and First Lady of Benue State, Dr. Eunice Ortom.

Fast forward to September 2021 when he bagged a B.Sc in Accounting from B.S.U. Makurdi, a grateful Peter Gwer was at the premises of ESLF, to present to his benefactor and ESLF Founder, Dr. Ortom, his B.Sc result and other certificates he earned in a bid to acquire computer and digital skills during the same period.

In October 2021, against all odds, the resilient Peter Gwer made the list of corp members currently mobilized and sworn-in by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to undergo orientation at the NYSC Orientation Camp, Okada in Edo State. 

In a cheerful show of celebration of this exceptional accomplishment and in appreciation of the scholarship opportunity that came his way from ESLF which he utilized optimally, an elated Peter Gwer, on his Facebook page, declared thus: 

“A billion Naira dream made possible by Eunice Spring of Life Foundation (ESLF). Thank you Eunice Ortom”.

We join you to celebrate this sterling feat and, once more, say a hearty congratulations to one of ESFL’s finest products for making us proud and making the most of your academic scholarship''.

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