Airdrop: How to Claim 1,000 LegendVerse Coins ($LGC) into your Trust Wallet.

Posted one year ago

by shakiez893

In this post i will explain all the steps on how to claim LegendVerse ($LGC) Airdrop into your Trust Wallet.

About LegendVerse ($LGC)

Legendverse has exquisitely digital assets integrated with blockchain technology. Each collectible is matchless, genuine, and varies depending on its rarity. Legendverse has six classes including human, angel, demon, elf, dragon, and fairy which are waiting for the players to discover and collect. Last but not the least, Legendverse believes in the future of blockchain technology and strives to build a secure gaming economy with long-term potential according to website.

Token Name: Lengendverse

Symbol: LGC

Decimal: 18

Network: BSC (Smart Chain)

Contact address: 0x82e24Df23feC2792Bb49E9306fE03AeeF2315Bd9

Follow the steps below to claim this $LGC airdrop into your Trust Wallet

1. Open the Airdrop Link Here

2. Perform task by joining their telegram channels, follow them on twitter, like retweet and groups, and subscribe to their YouTube channel as prompted by the bot

3. Add custom token on your trust wallet under Smart Chain (Bep 20) network with the above contract address 

4. Copy out your ref link as given after completing your tasks and share to earn more.

Still not clear?

Watch Video below

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only it has no guarantee for earning after performing the steps, the publisher is not a financial advisor.

This airdrop contains some links from third party site and Aozforum will not be held responsible for them please be informed.

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