Airdrop: How To Claim 26 Msquare ($MSQ) into your Trust Wallet.

Posted 2 years ago

by shakiez893

This post will teach you all the steps on how to claim 23-Msquare Tokens ($MSQ) into your Trust Wallet with this airdrop

About Msquare ($MSQ) Tokens

Contract Address: 0x6A8Ec2d9BfBDD20A7F5A4E89D640F7E7cebA4499

Token Name: Msqaure

Symbol Ticker: MSQ

Decimal: 18

Network: Polygon

NOTE: All Airdrops have expiry date the quicker you claim it the better.

Follow the steps below to claim your Msquare Tokens into your Trust Wallet (26$MSQ = 10$ in presale)

1. Join Airdrop Link below

2. Join Msquare telegram channels & groups, twitter, and medium.

3. Add custom token on your trust wallet under Polygon with above contract address 

4. Copy out your ref link as given after completing your registration and share to earn more.

Still not clear?

Watch Video below

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only it has no guarantee for earning after performing the steps, the publisher is not a financial advisor.

This airdrop contains some links from third party site and Aozforum will not be held responsible for them please be informed.

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