Top 8 BIGGEST Crypto Airdrops For Passive Income (2023).

Posted 11 months ago

by shakiez893

Despite crypto being extremely risky, airdrops are a great way to take advantage of free crypto with little to no risk. 

This is why today I wanted to look at the top eight 8 upcoming airdrops for 2023.  

When you receive free crypto without investing money, then there is no other cool way to win here.

You might have some free cryptos in the past that could have earned you some free dollars through airdrop but maybe you were reluctant or didn't get the information on time.

Not to worry in the post, I will reveal the top eight upcoming airdrops in the next few months for this year 2023.

In the next few paragraphs you will see the following details about the upcoming crypto airdrops;

  • Number of tokens that will be dropped
  • The date they will be dropped and 
  • The instruction on how to participate in these airdrops.

Top Biggest Crypto Airdrops For Passive Income (2023)

Below is the list of the top biggest crypto airdrops for your passive income in 2023.

1. DeFi chain: DeFi Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform specifically dedicated to enabling fast, intelligent, and transparent decentralized financial services, accessible by everyone, everywhere.

Running on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it features proven security and immutability by anchoring its most recent Merkle root to the Bitcoin blockchain every few minutes. The platform also features unparalleled high transaction throughput for all transactions, and reliable decentralized governance, on and off-chain.

The DeFi Foundation is located and incorporated in Singapore as a company limited by guarantee (resembling a foundation structure). The foundation is led by highly experienced blockchain experts Dr. Julian Hosp (chairman), and U-zyn Chua (CTO).

The DeFi Blockchain is designed for investors in the cryptocurrency market who are looking to make their cryptocurrency work just like any other form of capital, such that they can ensure a return on investment in any market. The minimum you can get with this airdrop is about $30. 


2. Game infinity (GF): This is an ecosystem built around Web3 gaming. Infinity is a Blockchain Gaming Platform that offers Play to Earn crypto games and an NFT Marketplace. Players can enjoy short and big games that will reward winners and participants. The protocol is powered by native currency $GAMEIN token. it going to be official in April 2023 with a total token amount of 23,000,000. Airdropping 1000 tokens each minimum worth $50 you can take that money and roll it up into another passive income stream.

3. SEI Networks: they are airdropping the entire 1% of the token to users, the number of tokens that you get with this airdrop is from the number of points accumulated, Sei Network is a blockchain service with a built-in on-chain order book that allows smart contracts access to shared liquidity.


Token type: ERC20


Role of Token: UTILITY

4. Wildthunder studio ($WTT Tokens): this airdrop will take place between November 2022 to February 2023. this airdrop guarantees 2000 each participant the sum of $1750.

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Wild Thunder Game Studio is home to 60+ 2D, 3D game artists, game developers,... with a mission: to craft world-class gaming experiences, powered with blockchain technology.

At the end of this airdrop, this company will distribute about 35,000,000 $WTT Tokens worth $3.5M

5.  Ipor Labs: is a DIA-this is a stablecoin under the Ethereum network whose price is been regulated close to one U.S. dollar as possible. This coin is a huge next thing because its features are far ahead of others which is what crypto has not seen before.

The IPOR Index and IPOR Derivatives products are initially being developed by IPOR Labs, a Zug-based firm specializing in derivatives software products. IPOR Labs was founded by veterans in financial markets, cryptocurrency, and blockchain expertise spanning protocol development, fixed income, interest rate derivatives, quantitative finance, exchange trading systems, venture capital, and software development.

6. Time swap: Timeswap is the first fully permissionless, oracle-less, non-liquidatable, fixed maturity lending & borrowing protocol.

Timeswap aims to revolutionize money markets via its unique 3 variable constant product AMM

Permissionless fixed maturity lending & borrowing

Timeswap allows anyone to do fixed maturity lending & borrowing of any ERC20 token with any other ERC20 token as collateral

Non-Liquidatable Loans

Timeswap takes away the complexity for borrowers to constantly manage their health factors. No more liquidation penalties & dependency on liquidators

Flexible Risk Profiles

Timeswap offers flexibility for lenders and borrowers to decide their risk profile through flexible interest rates & collateral factors.

Permissionless Debt Financing

Timeswap enables projects to borrow debt with their native tokens as collateral. Ideal for funding fair launches & leveraged loans compared to equity financing interest rate & collateral factors

Users have the flexibility to decide their risk-return profile by selecting custom interest rates and collateral factors based on prevailing market conditions for greater capital efficiency 

7. Meta mask: this is one of crypto’s most famous wallets, it is estimated to be worth over $7m as a company, meta mask announced last year in march that it is going to launch its own token and DAO.

We don't know exactly what this token will be used for but, based on past experiences, we believe it won't be different from others in basic functionality, which is transaction fees on its network and purchasing of cryptos.

Meta mask hinted on Twitter about their airdrop which is going to be one of the biggest airdrops in history if it comes to pass.

8 Arbitrum network: Experience Web3 development the way it was meant to be with Arbitrum’s suite of scaling solutions. Benefit from faster speeds and significantly lower costs, with the same level of security as Ethereum


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