How To Impress On A First Date

Posted 3 weeks ago

by shakiez893

Meeting a new date and having a conversation for the first time could sometimes be a difficult thing as many people are buried in shyness, short of words and carefulness of not making mistakes but being concise on a first date  

Well let me educate you how to impress on your first date

1.       MINDSET RESET: Once someone accepts to go on a date with you, always prepare to answer questions and ask too, now with that kind of mind set you can make a good date, also remember to be smart in thinking when on a date, maintain positivity during conversation and keep a smiling face too

2.       DON'T BRING ABOUT MANY ARGUING TOPICS: One of the reasons that might just make your date a boring one is argument, since you are not familiar with each other’s temper I suggest you keep it on the low to avoid spark up from your partner which might ruin your date entirely

3.      BE INTENTIONAL: Bring about intentions during discussion maybe your life story that will make your date feel connected to you and feel how humanly you are, don’t condemn too much ask related and professional questions like what are your principles, what are core values of your life, what you okay with and not, ambitions, why are you’re here in life and what attracted you to me?

TIP Well the questions are not meant to asked all just pick a few depending on your connection with your new date or the vibe at the moment  

4.       BE VULNERABLE: Try and be vulnerable in such a way that you accept defeat during an argument when you hear you date drop a real fact, allow your date to speak, don’t be in a rush, understand where they are coming from (believes and cultures) and try not to be selfish in passing judgments

CHOOSE A NICE LOCATION: Choose a serene environment for your dates as it will leave a memorable moment on how you met for the first times

With the above tips I think this will be your best experiment on how to go about a new date and not bore them


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3 weeks ago