Prior to registering on Aozforum it is believed that you have read, understand clearly the “Agreement” and the terms and conditions guiding membership and forms of earning revenue on this website and your membership be subjected to the following terms and conditions guiding a member on Aozforum Limited, revenue program (ARP)

NB: All members must be 18-years and above to participate in the Revenue Earning Program Guidelines every member must strictly adhere to

  • Members are not allowed to activate or use more than one Member account;

  • Member are not allowed to select or use an Email Address of another person;

  • Members are not allowed to use a false or misleading name (Except for privacy), mailing address, or email address to activate or use a Member account;

  • Member are not allowed to use a name subject to rights of another person without authorization from that person;

  • Members are not allowed to abuse his or her member privilege by acting inappropriately under the guidelines provided

  • Members must not try to earn through illegitimate channels, but only the ones accepted by Aozforum Revenue Program Aozforum Revenue Program reserves the right to track and monitor all forms on earnings either by IP address or by users browsing activity in any case. By signing up all member have agree to be receiving email notifications at interval from Aozforum limited on modified products concerning the website, if any member finds this inconveniencing, they may simply unsubscribe or deactivate his/her account as the case may be.


Any form of spamming such as advertising illegally on Aozforum or another channel to claim ownership rather than partnership is highly prohibited and will lead to immediate deactivation of that users account and permanent forfeiture of all earnings, all known incidents will be dealt with case to case

Change in Account Information

Change in address (mailing or emails) made with inappropriate information to Aozfrourm will lead to deactivation of account, also wrong input of bank detail during registration will cost the use 500 naira before room will be made for modification

Refund Policy

As we are offering non-tangible virtual digital goods which is form of registration fee Aozforum Revenue program do not generally refund after the purchase of coupons codes or even when upgrades has been done. Please note that by purchasing the Pack, you agree to the no Refund Policy

Account Types, Earning, Membership, posting, sponsored post sharing and commenting

Aozfroum has made available 3 forms of account namely; Free Account (F) Normal Account (N) and Upgraded Account (U)

How The Account Types Work
  • The F account is meant for users who are willing to participate in the program but do not have the funds to purchase a coupon and start, it is needful to know such accounts will need at least two referrals registered and confirmed to upgrade and those funds are use as upgrade to enable such users to start requesting for withdrawals. More terms are applied here
  • Account N is for users who buy coupons and begin earnings on completing the required registration
  • Account U is the maximum account any user can only upgrade their accounts after registering from account N and the their activity earning here is twice that of a normal account it cost 2000 naira to upgrade to this stage
Administrators, Editors and Moderators reserve the right to approve or disapprove any form of unwanted or irrelevant comment posting on the site and cancellation of underserved revenue if any user is found wanting as the case may be Users of Aozforum are expected to follow this guidelines in commenting and posting on the forum
  • Irrelevant contribution (comment) e.g: one word, hmmm, ok, lol, etc and a single line of the same sentence on all post or comments not related to subject matters are not allowed. They will be trashed and you will not earn.
  • Consistent irrelevant post of comments by a user and inappropriate behaviour may result in suspension or termination of membership and forfeiture of members unredeemed earnings.
  • Multiple comment on a post on purpose to earn more is not allowed.
  • Sponsored post sharing must correspond with the post date and must be shared as recommended.
  • Posting of songs must contain appropriate description of the artist and a song art work (picture), year of record and artist name written with a good page title

Payment is done daily starting from (ARP) affiliate earners (referrals) with at least 3000 naira then activity earners with minimum of 5000 points also payment shall always start from the highest earners to others. Once the available revenue is finally exhausted, pending requests will be carried over to the following month revenue payout. We encourage all member to check this page regularly as none of the above mentioned terms and conditions are fixed and may be changed to best suit the prevailing situation.


Member Expressly Agrees to the Use of The term of Service At Member’s Sole Risk. The Service Is Provided On An “as Is” And “as Available” Basis. To The Maximum Extent Allowed By Applicable Nigerian Law, Aozforum Disclaims All Warranties Of Any Kind, Express Or Implied By Law, Custom Or Otherwise, Including Without Limitation Any Warranty Of Merchantability, Satisfactory Quality, Fitness For A Particular Purpose Or Non-Infringement. This platform Makes No Warranty Regarding Any Goods Or Services Purchased Or Obtained Through The Program Or Any Transactions Entered Into The Program.