Why everyone loves children

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

The view of a baby alone is joy to a many people especially mothers and fathers, child-up-bringing gives a lot of memories and laughter

Not just that, knowing you are fertile as a human is a believe that you blessed and a complete being  

Cuteness: the fact that children attract people is not deniable, children are special gifts from God that every one believes every home with children is a blessed home and to rap it  all up  is when the baby is cute. 

Some homes even have marital issues if their spouse can't have health complication and can't have a baby 

Tenderness: like a garden of rose flowers the beauty of a little baby can melt any heart, when you imagine this with their innocent and tenderness you are left with no choice but to be attracted  a baby

Innocent: children are ignorant  of the world's happenings entirely, when you look at a baby and imagine for him/her the ups and downs of life, you get emotional for the life coming ahead of them , when know very life is not a bed if roses 

Believe: in some culture any women who can bear a child not useful, so to say every home with children is believed to be a blessed one

Uniqueness: no matter the baby you see they are unique to the eye, being her you feel they are made difference and will have different believes and life through imaginations 

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