13 Immature Things Men Do in Marriages

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

Some men do so many immature things in marriages which may sometimes bring about some unhealthy relationship between them and their wife  make marriages very difficult for many women. 

Here are a some things men immature act that men need to take a close look at and make correction as the case may be. 

Immature Things Men Do In Marriage

They are: 

  1. Rejection of food cooked by their wives because they are angry.   This is a foolish thing to do.      Why will you reject the food cooked with your money, in your house by your wife?                        It is a very good sign of immaturity.
  2. Telling their wives several times, “ am the head of this family”.
  3. Shouting when arguing with their wives.
  4. Issuing threats of divorce, beating, marrying another wife or leaving the house.
  5. Abandoning the house because of misunderstanding is another sign of immaturity.
  6. Reporting their wives to their children, friends, parents, siblings whenever their wives offend them.
  7. Competing with their wives.
  8. The feeling of insecurity and jealousy
  9. Keeping malice with their wives.
  10. Keeping diaries of offence
  11. Nagging
  12. Comparing their wives with the wives of their neighbours, friends and their mother. (2 Corinthians 10:12)
  13. Loving their mothers more than their wives.

If you are a man reading this check were you might have gone wrong and make amends

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