Police discovers secret instagram group where teenage girls plan and commit suicide

Posted a month ago

by shakiez893

Police unravels a secret instagram group called ''suicide" where young girls between the ages of 12-years and 16-years plan suicide and self harm in England South

BBC reports that the secret group was discovered after monitoring and investigations on three teenage girls who went missing and they were discovered in England in a bad health state.

Further details revealed they traveled by rail to converge in Europe prior to the unguided scenario, 

The compromised girls have been taken to the hospital for proper check up

The police added that one of the teenager confessed she met the other girls online before discussing suicide.

It has been revealed that the police carried out a serious internet surfing especially on instagram to get full details of the other members of the group

After the confession seven out of the twelve members of the group are reported to have harmed themselves after the news went viral

Police told BBC that "peer-to-peer influence increased suicidal ideation amongst the children involved to the extent that several escalated to suicidal crises and serious self-harm."

After questioning instagram, their spokesman explained that the "suicide" group hasn't violated their rule of Artificial intelligence (AI) which spams and blocks self-harm related posts and groups

Additionally instagram told the police that its platform doesn't allow graphic images and contents that promote suicide and self-harm "we flag such post and delete them immediately"

"We will offer our support any time regarding the suicide group -instagram reaffairmed "

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