Airdrop: How to Claim instant 220,000 Leafy Token ($Leafy) into Trust Wallet

Posted one year ago

by shakiez893

I will be explaining how to claim an instant 220,000 ($leafy) token into Trust Wallet

About Leafy Token

Today, forests account for just over a third of the world's landmass.

Three hundred million people worldwide live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on

their biodiversity. Yet our world and the diversity of life that it supports are



We believe that new trees should appear over time instead of bare stumps.

With your charity, we will help save the forest right now.

$LEAFTY and our community are confident that together we can stop it from


-Token Name: Leafy

Total Supply: 3,900,000,000,000 $LEAFTY

-Contract Address: 0x79C68373AC2b36A210c1468a7F30C9539E7e8F1D

-Symbol / Ticker: $Leafy

-Decimal: 18


Network: Smart Chain (BEP20)

Listing on Pancakeswap, Huobi Global and Hotbit

Below is how to claim your $Leafy Token with Dapps

1. Airdrop Link:

2. Copy the airdrop link above

3. Paste in your Dapps browser load and change your network to smart chain

4. Click on the claim airdrop button, connect wallet, and approve the smart call contract page

5. Copy contract address and add custom token

Still not clear?

Watch video below

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only it has no guarantee for earning after performing the steps herein, the publisher is not a financial advisor.

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