Chase Freedom Unlimited HONEST Review | The BEST All-Purpose Credit Card In 2022

Posted 2 years ago

by shakiez893

This video is on the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card. I decided to do a Chase freedom unlimited HONEST review in 2022 after having this credit card for almost 3 years.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited card is one of the best credit cards in 2022 and the best cash-back credit card in 2022. The Chase Freedom Unlimited card offers Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, huge Chase sign-up bonuses, Chase credit card benefits, Chase offers, and a lot more while being a no-annual-fee credit card. It's a great credit card for everyday spending and a credit card I use daily, overall the best all-purpose credit card of 2022.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited could also be very powerful if you pair it with the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred card to max out your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points towards travel (Chase trifecta).

So at the end of this video, you'll be able to determine if the Chase Freedom Unlimited is worth it in 2022 and if you should get the Chase Freedom Unlimited card in 2022.

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